Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hola, blogger!

Hola!!! First blog post, whoooo!

Haha, am I hyper? Yes, I most certainly am!

But you don't care, do you? -_-

You're here for Amy Pond and her annoyingly gorgeous ginger hair and cool clothes and crap...

We are all unworthy (Insert some creepy religious chant)

Okay, maybe you aren't that obsessed with Karen (if you are, you should be worried), but if you're here you're either some kind of cosplay/dress-er upper of some sort, a regular fangirl/boy or you came here mistakenly.

And so, to all you cosplay/dress-er upper-ers (because if you came here by accident, you probably only see gibberish), I have created a blog dedicated to cosplaying as, dressing up as, and fashion inspired by the character Amy Pond (from Doctor Who) and the beautiful actress who plays her, Karen Gillan (whose name I always mispronounce for some reason).

Now, enough of my introductory ramblings. As a first blog post, I will start everything out with a loooong list I've compiled. It consists of nearly every single piece of clothing a Amy Pond cosplay-er could possibly want and more.

Honestly, it's a wardrobes' worth of stuff, but it can be plenty helpful. I even spent hours organizing it *headdesk*

And now, without further adieu, the Amy Pond obsessor's dream wardrobe:

WARNING: Reading this can induce headaches, seizures, and can take a hundred years.

...you've been warned 


-Bright red V-neck

-Rich blue V-neck

-Mute red V-neck

-Dark turquoise V-neck

-Rich green V-neck

-Mute salmon-orange V-neck

-Lilac V-neck

-Dark violet V-neck

-Dark green V-neck

-Bright green V-neck

Tanks and Camis

Navy blue cami/tank

-Tan cami/tank

-Soft pink cami/tank

-Gray cami/tank

-Dark muted red cami/tank

Other Tops

-Red plaid flannel shirt

-White flow-y top

-Dark violet scoop neck

-Red pullover hoodie

-Red and gray plaid flannel shirt

-Blue plaid flannel shirt

-Off-white blouse

-Ivory-tipped collared shirt

-Royal blue scoop neck

-Navy blue scoop neck

-Red scoop neck

-Loose navy blue and white striped top

-Fitted bright royal blue and white striped v-neck sweater

-Gray button down

-Mid-gray tunic



-Mid-wash denim mini

-Mute gray denim mini

-Black denim mini

-Dark-wash denim mini

-Ripped mid-wash denim mini

Pants and Shorts

-Light tan skinny jeans

-Off-white skinny jeans

-Black short shorts

-Black capris

-Denim capris w/ cuffs

-Black skinny jeans

-Brown skinny jeans

-Skinny khakis

-Dark gray skinny jeans

Leggings, Socks, and Tights

-Light gray tights

-Dark gray tights

-Mustard yellow tights

-Nude panty hose

-Black crochet tights

-Pink tights

-Opaque black tights

-Black socks

-Mute blue tights

-Bright royal blue leggings

-Red tights

Dresses and Rompers

-Gray cotton romper

-Light colored day-dress

-Gray dress

-Red floral print dress

Jackets and Coats

-Black leather jacket

-Brown bomber jacket

-Light brown jacket

-Denim jacket

-Light tan jacket

-Off-white blazer

-Teal trenchcoat w/ buttons

Shoes and Boots

-Navy blue Converse high-tops

-Black combat boots

-Brown cowboy boots

-Medium brown riding boots

-Dark gray lace-up military boots

-Light tan ankle boots

-Off-white slouch boots



-Red scarf

-Mute olive green scarf

-Lilac scarf

-Mute blue and black striped scarf

-Mute gray scarf


-Plain medium brown belt

-Plain black belt

-Thin brown headband

-Thin black headband

-Gold “A” initial necklace

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