Friday, July 13, 2012

The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood: Total Breakdown

Yes, I very much appreciate you sticking that pointy object so dangerously close to my face.

Haha, well hello world! Today, I'm going to do a breakdown of one of my favorite Amy outfits of all time!

So, without further adieu...


So let's get started. As per usual, Amy's got the whole layering thing going on. Jacket over v-neck over cami over shorts over tights.

She has her "famous" (not really) brown leather bomber jacket on and the very common red-ish v-neck.

I'll talk about the jacket first. It's brown leather and obviously, finding an authentic jacket similar to this wouldn't take much time, but it would be expensive. A good way to make the outfit your own would be to put on a natural colored hoodie of your own. Something brown, black or gray would work. If you really want to stick to the original, you can find some cheaper versions in some store and on

For the Americans:

If you're willing to splurge, here's one at Zumiez for a $99.00

And here's another one at Zumiez for $59.99

Here's one at Amazon from Knoles & Carter for $59.99

As you can can see, they tend to run very expensive. So check stores like Wal-Mart and Target first to see if you can score a deal. Amazon also has some good brands at cheaper prices if you don't mind sifting through a bunch of pages.

And for the Brits:

I couldn't get a good image of it, but here's one from Marks and Spencer for £65.00

This one, at linkety link is a whopping £430.00, but I just thought it was cute to look at ;)

I really like this one on despite it being a black biker jacket. It's a good substitute. ^_^ It's £55.00.

Onto the V-neck! V-necks are pretty easy, you can find plain ones in all different colors at basically any store. You could also wear a scoop-neck tee instead. I've mentioned before that Amy wears a lot of these, so you could wear one in any color if you want!

For the Americans:

 This one is a pretty close match at just $9.00

 Here is a similar scoop neck tee in purple for $4.80 at Forever 21.

Here's a good one from LL.Bean for $17.00

For the Brits:

Found this one at House of Fraser for £24.50. It's a scoop neck, but it's a good substitute.

 This one here is very similar, at House of Fraser for £25.00

Like I said, V-necks are easy, so don't sweat it. You can find super cheap substitutes for under $12.00 at most general stores.

Under the V-neck is a mute grey cami or tank of some sort that peeks out from underneath and just at the top of it. you can find these cheap anywhere, so I'm only posting a couple examples.

You can get both of these for $8.00 at Wal-mart

For £6 at

Black shorts for also fairly simple to find. Just some black denim short shorts or just darkwash if you don't feel like looking.

For Americans:

These cute shorts are $24.00 at TopShop.

  At Forever 21, these twill short shorts are $9.80

These here are a close match for $13.00 at JCPenney.

For Brits:

 At House of Fraser these are £30.00

Here are some cute denim shorts at

The tights are simple black tights (not the opaque kind) that you probably have lying around the house or can find cheap at any general store. To finish off the look, Amy wears her usual gold rectangle watch and cowboy boots which you can find at any shoe store (thought they're usually expensive :( ) or maybe even score them cheap at a Wal-Mart, Target, or Goodwill. Don't forget your "A" initial necklace and you're done!

Hope that all helped, since it was pretty in-depth XD. Have fun putting your outfit/cosplay together and good luck!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The (un)official guide to the Amy Pond look

Well, here I am with another one of my weirdo/psycho/obsessive/stalker posts about Amy Pond. And what do I have to say now...?


Haha, I decided to create a quick (*cough*notreally*cough*) guide to Amy Pond's look.

As a crazy Amystalker myself, I look this stuff up all the time. Most of the guides out there suck...majorly. (Although this blog is pretty awesome, despite having not been updated in a long while).

So, while you may end up hating this guide (or you might love it)...I made yeah...


This is awkward. JK, here we go:


(A quick intro)
Amy Pond is the current companion to the eleventh doctor on Doctor Who. She is played by the awesome actor, Karen Gillan. Once, I was re-watching an episode of Doctor Who and I noticed she actually has a..."style". Unlike older companions, like Rose and Martha, Amy's wardrobe is somewhat repetitive with similar items of clothing and accessories. Which isn't a bad thing, in fact it's a good thing. When you think about it, most TV show characters, no matter what nationality, language, or show, never wear the same clothes over again. If you ask me, it's annoying. What real-life person wears completely different clothes every single day? Sure, these characters aren't real people, but if creators wanted them to come off as realistic, they should repeat outfits and clothes.

Now, in all honesty, Amy probably wears completely different outfits in each episode. But they seem similar enough to appear as one wardrobe. As an Amystalker, I find this really cool (can't come up with a better adjective than that XD).

So let's get started...


(See my previous post for a complete Amy Pond "wardrobe")

Let's start with tops. Amy tends to wear V-necks over camis and tanks for a layered look, plaid flannels, and button-downs. The colors tend to range from darker to medium. Rich reds, maroons and dark blues/greens are very dominant as well.

If you haven't yet noticed, throughout much of the sixth series, she wears what seems to be only two different shirts. One is a dark red plaid flannel shirt with the cuffs rolled to the elbows and the other one is a similar red and grey plaid shirt. (I got the feeling this had something to do with her being a [flesh ganger].

On top of all those layered shirts there is normally a jacket or some sort. Usually a brown bomber jacket, a mid-wash denim, or a black leather one. Amy also wears off-white blazers and jackets on occasion as well.


Another common item of clothing Amy typically wears is a skirt. Whether it's cold and snowy or humid and hot, denim miniskirts frequent her outfits as much as those pesky jackets. Black, gray, dark-wash, mid-wash, ripped or otherwise. She often wears them over translucent black tights or brightly colored leggings.

When the Who-niverse/England weather is at it's coldest (Mind you, England is almost always cool), Amy forfeits the miniskirt and tights for light-colored skinnies. Off-white jeggings and skinny khakis are common during this time.


To finish off, I'll talk about scarves.

I hate scarves, Amy loves them. If you ask me, she wears them too much, but then again, she looks great in them. She is often seen wearing her red scarf.

And a closing note: Amy likes red. And layers. And tights. And stuff.

Oh yeah, and Amy is a fictional character (unlike the Doctor, of course (; )so she can't really "like" anything.

<3 an Amystalker

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hola, blogger!

Hola!!! First blog post, whoooo!

Haha, am I hyper? Yes, I most certainly am!

But you don't care, do you? -_-

You're here for Amy Pond and her annoyingly gorgeous ginger hair and cool clothes and crap...

We are all unworthy (Insert some creepy religious chant)

Okay, maybe you aren't that obsessed with Karen (if you are, you should be worried), but if you're here you're either some kind of cosplay/dress-er upper of some sort, a regular fangirl/boy or you came here mistakenly.

And so, to all you cosplay/dress-er upper-ers (because if you came here by accident, you probably only see gibberish), I have created a blog dedicated to cosplaying as, dressing up as, and fashion inspired by the character Amy Pond (from Doctor Who) and the beautiful actress who plays her, Karen Gillan (whose name I always mispronounce for some reason).

Now, enough of my introductory ramblings. As a first blog post, I will start everything out with a loooong list I've compiled. It consists of nearly every single piece of clothing a Amy Pond cosplay-er could possibly want and more.

Honestly, it's a wardrobes' worth of stuff, but it can be plenty helpful. I even spent hours organizing it *headdesk*

And now, without further adieu, the Amy Pond obsessor's dream wardrobe:

WARNING: Reading this can induce headaches, seizures, and can take a hundred years.'ve been warned 


-Bright red V-neck

-Rich blue V-neck

-Mute red V-neck

-Dark turquoise V-neck

-Rich green V-neck

-Mute salmon-orange V-neck

-Lilac V-neck

-Dark violet V-neck

-Dark green V-neck

-Bright green V-neck

Tanks and Camis

Navy blue cami/tank

-Tan cami/tank

-Soft pink cami/tank

-Gray cami/tank

-Dark muted red cami/tank

Other Tops

-Red plaid flannel shirt

-White flow-y top

-Dark violet scoop neck

-Red pullover hoodie

-Red and gray plaid flannel shirt

-Blue plaid flannel shirt

-Off-white blouse

-Ivory-tipped collared shirt

-Royal blue scoop neck

-Navy blue scoop neck

-Red scoop neck

-Loose navy blue and white striped top

-Fitted bright royal blue and white striped v-neck sweater

-Gray button down

-Mid-gray tunic



-Mid-wash denim mini

-Mute gray denim mini

-Black denim mini

-Dark-wash denim mini

-Ripped mid-wash denim mini

Pants and Shorts

-Light tan skinny jeans

-Off-white skinny jeans

-Black short shorts

-Black capris

-Denim capris w/ cuffs

-Black skinny jeans

-Brown skinny jeans

-Skinny khakis

-Dark gray skinny jeans

Leggings, Socks, and Tights

-Light gray tights

-Dark gray tights

-Mustard yellow tights

-Nude panty hose

-Black crochet tights

-Pink tights

-Opaque black tights

-Black socks

-Mute blue tights

-Bright royal blue leggings

-Red tights

Dresses and Rompers

-Gray cotton romper

-Light colored day-dress

-Gray dress

-Red floral print dress

Jackets and Coats

-Black leather jacket

-Brown bomber jacket

-Light brown jacket

-Denim jacket

-Light tan jacket

-Off-white blazer

-Teal trenchcoat w/ buttons

Shoes and Boots

-Navy blue Converse high-tops

-Black combat boots

-Brown cowboy boots

-Medium brown riding boots

-Dark gray lace-up military boots

-Light tan ankle boots

-Off-white slouch boots



-Red scarf

-Mute olive green scarf

-Lilac scarf

-Mute blue and black striped scarf

-Mute gray scarf


-Plain medium brown belt

-Plain black belt

-Thin brown headband

-Thin black headband

-Gold “A” initial necklace